Programming from the Community

May 24 to 29, 2022

With nearly 50 productions, including, amongst others, works in the genres of performance, dance, spoken word theater, music theater, contemporary circus as well as children’s and youth theater, the Programming from the Community once again presents the diversity of the independent performing arts. 

Over the course of four days, the production venues of Berlin’s independent performing arts community will present their work TOGETHER with the artists and collectives. This year, amongst other topics, the works are raising the following questions: How do we want to live TOGETHER with each other and our environment? How do we want to work TOGETHER? And how could we grow old TOGETHER?

Exciting formats such as interactive game simulations, shared walks or traversable sound installations warmly invite the audience to explore unusual locations outside, inside and in virtual space. From a traditional Berlin neighborhood bar to a church, from a little Tiny House to the vast Alexanderplatz, from the Neukölln parking garage to the romantic Island of Youth, numerous squares, nooks and corners of the metropolis are transformed into animated performance locations.  There, you can discover new dance styles, entertaining and serious productions, newly interpreted classic pieces or contemporary theater productions with and without language.

Experience the vibrant community of independent performing arts all through Berlin concentrated into four days and immerse yourself in the impressive and diverse Programming from the Community, the heart of the festival.