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Institution of Higher Education Day SPECIAL: How to Freie Szene

Getting Started in Working in the Independent Performing Arts Community for Students
Only for Students

This discussion is intended for students of artistic courses of studies and apprenticeships who are interested in working in the independent performing arts community or have not yet been able to imagine anything specific to go with the notion of the independent performing arts community. Thorsten Schlenger (artistic director of Theater unterm Dach) will provide insight into how working as an independent artists or theater maker can function. What working structures, financing options and networks exist, what challenges await and what is possible here that might be impossible in other working structures? Any and all questions can be asked without any shame and the participants can expect honest answers.

Students can register for this starting in May. The registration information will then be published here.

Playing times
Th 26.05 14:00 - 15:00

60 min

Event notes

The event will be held in English.


with: Thorsten Schlenger (Artistic director Theater unterm Dach)


An event by Performing Arts Festival Berlin. 

Theater unterm Dach

Danziger Straße 101, 10405 Berlin