Day of Open House(s)

May 28, 2022

On the festival Saturday, the audience is warmly invited to explore the landscape of performance venues in Berlin and their neighborhoods and to get to know them better. Familiar and new locations of the independent performing arts community, distributed all across the city, will open their doors and present their spaces, backgrounds, profiles and, last but not least, the people who make them work. No matter whether it is over the course of a shared brunch, attending an open rehearsal or an interactive installation, there is a great deal to discover on the Day of Open Houses. As part of a scavenger hunt, souvenir photos can also be collected and, in the evening, a delicious free drink and a grill happening in the festival center await the participants.

In addition, TOURS provide the opportunity not only to get to know the venues better, but also their surrounding areas as well as hidden spots and old stories. Venerable Berlin galleries, an experimental community radio station as well as a little hidden café in Weißensee, Wedding and Schöneweide welcome you during the day on a shared walk through the locations of the neighborhoods and the independent performing arts community.

Scavenger Hunt

The Day of Open Houses invites you to take part in a scavenger hunt! By collecting souvenir photos and stamps, everyone who wants to play can earn a free drink at the festival in the evening and take part in a grill happening.

How can I participate?

  • Visit two or more performance venues during the Day of Open Houses. You can find a list of all of the participating performance venues and the schedule of events HERE.
  • Take a photo of the location and collect your stamp!
  • Present all of your photos and stamps while ending your evening in our festival center and collect a surprise.


                     Program of "Day of Open House(s)"

Centre Français de Berlin: Stay Open

As a supplement to the performing Singing Machine by Hermann Heisig at Centre Français de Berlin (CFB), discussion formats will be offered by Laura Böttinger and the group Flugwerk.

Theater im Delphi: The Theater im Delphi Opens Its Doors

Get to know the former silent movie cinema Theater im Delphi, which is now a theater for the independent performing arts community.

Theater Verlängertes Wohnzimmer: Open Rehearsal of "PEER"

Theater Verlängertes Wohnzimmer in Friedrichshain is both things: a theater and a living room.

ACUD Theater: Open Rehearsal of Sintflut (The Flod) in Acud, Followed By A Discussion

The audience is warmly invited to take part in the open rehearsal and to receive a glimpse into the working methods of the artists.

Theater o.N.: Breakfast with the Ensemble of Theater o.N.

The ensemble of Theater o.N. warmly invites you to discuss, philosophize and share experiences in a relaxed atmosphere in the fresh air.

Haus der Statistik: HOUSE A - A Performs (B) and C Watches

Why is a theater part of the initiative Haus der Statistik? Why does the city need a theater at Alexanderplatz and what can it look like?

Theater Expedition Metropolis: Theater Picnic

While enjoying snacks and drinks served from the Desi-Mobil, the guests will encounter of the ExMe Community of Practices live, as podcasts or audio installations.

BrotfabrikBühne: Culture is Food

The cultural center Brotfabrik brings together a theater, movie theater, gallery, literature and more under one roof.

Ballhaus Prinzenallee: The Forgotten House — A Documentary Installation in Theatrical Scenes 

The audience will experience the building over the course of a guided tour as well as learn about its moving history of the former Schmidtschen Ballsaal.

Gravitex: The Interfaces of Fashion, Design and Performance in Dialog

For The Day of Open Houses, Silvia Wald (gravitex) and Calvin Bernauer invite visitors to join them at 6:00 pm for an open round of discussion.

Theaterhaus Schöneweide: A Tour of Theaterhaus Schöneweide

On the Day of Open Houses, visitors will receive the opportunity to get to know this location.

Acker Stadt Palast: Tea in the Palace

The team of Acker Stadt Palast invites visitors into its lobby to enjoy a glass of tea and to introduce themselves and the venue.

Spinner und Weber: Last Orders / Last Round!

The artists share not only the space with the audience but the performative process as well and invite them to have a drink and perhaps a piece of cake.

Theater unterm Dach: The Answers - Want Your Answers

When is theater truly relevant? When does theater touch an audience or make it reflect? What topics or stories should theater deal with today?