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Daniela Marcozzi - Lacuna


Marcozzi Contemporary Theater

Inspired by the Bologna massacre, a bomb attack on the central train station in the year 1980, and the silence of the government regarding this act motivated by neo-fascism, the physical theater solo deals with the significance of “state secrets” and the modalities of preserving them by the state. Using a fictitious story, the piece asks: what does the term “state secret” actually mean and where does the state hide this information?

Playing times
Th 26.05 20:00 - 21:00 Fr 27.05 20:00 - 21:00

60 min.

Admission price

16 € | 12 € reduced

A continuous, step-free and level access (incl. curb ramp) from the street to the building and the event area is available. However, there are no barrier-free parking spaces or wheelchair-accessible sanitary facilities available. Space for wheelchairs or walkers is provided in the event hall/area, and there is the option of special appropriate seating and/or early entry to the hall.
Please note: There will be moments of total darkness during the performance.

Contact: Paolo Grazzi
Phone: 030 479 80 152


Author: Daniela Marcozzi
Artistic Support: Peter Rose
Dramaturgical support: Christina Kyriazidi
Costume: Susanne Kasper
Light: Elena Arci and Paolo Grazzi


A co-production of Expedition Metropolis & Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte.


Marcozzi Contemporary Theater

Marcozzi Contemporary Theater (MCT) is a physical-theater project and company based in Berlin funded in 2015 by the performance artist, theater trainer, researcher and former biologist Daniela Marcozzi.


Theater Expedition Metropolis

Ohlauer Str. 41, 10999, Berlin