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In front of a wall with graffiti, a person stands on the shoulders of another person and reaches up to the ceiling. The person below is also looking up.

Working Class Dance Group

Josephine Findeisen

Working Class Dance Group shows a working state of an ongoing exploration of class structures. The dancers revisit historical, female-proletarian perspectives and investigate the intersections of class, gender and the body. By sharing stories, memories and various dance-techniques they devise their desires for a society without class structures.


The performance is sold out!

Playing times
Fr 27.05 18:00 - 18:40

40 min

Admission price

15 € | 10 € reduced

Ticket notes

For visitors with a Berlin Pass, tickets are available at the box office and can be purchased for 3€.

The performance will be held in German.
The elevator in the Sophiensælen is unfortunately not usable.


Concept & Performance: Josephine Findeisen
Co-Choreography & Performance: Melissa Ferrari
Artistic assistance: Johanna Findeisen
Dramaturgical & theoretical support: Anne Rieke
Dramaturgy: Andrei Mirchev
Lighting: Sanja Gergorić
Production support: Luisa Scholz


A production by Josephine Findeisen. Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe (entry-level funding 2021) and the residence "Vertiefungen" of Uferstudios GmbH as part of the residency funding Dance of the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe. Kindly supported by Uferstudios GmbH and Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte.


Josephine Findeisen

The choreographic praxis of Josephine Findeisen examines social realities and their influence on moving bodies.



Performance: Josephine Findeisen, Melissa Ferrari
Concept, Camera, Edit: Nadja Rothkirch
Production: Toni Zahn
Music: Durch Zeit und Raum - Donvtello, Tightill


Sophienstraße 18, 10178 Berlin