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König Achtlos und das Geheimnis der Farben

A Music Fairytale About Dealing with Waste
Christine Marx & Klaus Nothnagel

King Achtlos just throws everything away and also doesn’t know how to appreciate water. He banishes his youngest daughter who learns while traveling how important it is to properly deal with waste. In the meantime, water has gotten scare in the kingdom. The children know how to help! The artists play all of the characters and sing songs about royal ignorance, the value of water and the secret of the colors when separating waste.


Playing times
We 25.05 10:00 - 10:50

50 min.

Event notes

The event takes place open air in the courtyard of the Haunt. The event can be followed by an audience discussion, depending on the wishes of the audience.

The performance will be held in German.


Text & direction: Christine Marx
Composition & Arrangement: Klaus Nothnagel
Costumes: Rudi


Klaus Nothnagel

After studying German language and literature, theater studies and philosophy, Klaus Nothnagel was assistant director (Bremen City Theater), theater critic (taz, RIAS 2), columnist (RIAS 2, taz, tip-magazin) as well as speaker and writer of satirical glosses for Radio Brandenburg (ORB), Radio Ein

Christine Marx

Christine Marx completed her acting training at the Conservatory for Music and Theater in Bern with a diploma. She had her first engagement in Salzburg and then decided to realize her own projects as a freelance actress.


Kluckstraße 23A, 10785 Berlin