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Discussion #2: The PAF of the Future

For Visiting Industry Professionals and the Community
Geheime Dramaturgische Gesellschaft & Gäste

After placing the focus of the day squarely on the notion of working together, we will now look quite specifically to our own respective praxis and how things are actually intended to continue with PAF. Like all independent projects, PAF is a program of LAFT Berlin that is financed with public funds and is very happy to have secured funds at the moment both for this as well as the next edition of the festival in 2023. A new funding application was made to Berlin’s Senate this year for the future realization of a festival for the independent performing arts in Berlin as of 2024. In order to prepare this application, a committee of members of the community, artists, representatives from performance venues and the current festival team was formed in order to compile the development opportunities and desires for the future. A concept draft has resulted from this that we would like to present at a social gathering where we are especially interested in the constructive feedback and additional comments from the community as well as from the audience. Geheime Dramaturgische Gesellschaft will accompany us for this exchange. We look forward to seeing you and hearing your ideas for the future of PAF!


Playing times
Th 26.05 18:00 - 19:30

90 min

Event notes

The event will be held in German and English spoken language.


Hosts: Constantin Krell and Willi Wittig, Secret Dramaturgical Society
Representative:in PAF Advisory Board:
Thorsten Schlenger (Theater unterm Dach)
Janina Benduski (LAFT Program Directorate)
Claudia Marks (PAF Team)
Dagmar Domroes (Theater o.N.)


An event by Performing Arts Festival Berlin.


Performinga Arts Festival

Geheime Dramaturgische Gesellschaft

We are the Geheime Dramaturgische Gesellschaft, the secret dramaturgical society. We would like to create places for conversations to pass through and linger in; places for exchange, discussion and reflection.

Constantin Krell

Constantin Krell studied the performing arts and education in Erfurt, Rostock, Heidelberg and Darmstadt.

Wilhelm Werner Wittig

Wilhelm Werner Wittig has made theater with and for children, young people and adults since his own youth. He works as the technical director at the theater institute of Stiftungsuniversität Hildesheim.

Theater unterm Dach

Danziger Straße 101, 10405 Berlin