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Discussion #3: Coffee and Cakes of the Generations. Intergenerational Projects and Initiatives Introduce Themselves

For the Audience, Visiting Industry Professionals and the Community
Katharina von Wilcke & Gäste

While enjoying fresh coffee and delicious cakes in the garden of Circus Schatzinsel, people of all ages are invited to discuss the coexistence of the generations. A variety of initiatives, projects and people who will present themselves and their ideas for intergenerational coexistence will provide inspiration and material for discussion: what challenges does a multigenerational residential project pose? How can queer perspectives be especially integrated here? And what questions and ideas especially occur in terms of the topic of growing older amongst artists? Moderated by Katharina von Wilcke as host, table discussions on various topics will be offered by Christoph Winkler (choreographer), Jutta Brambach (queerfeminist housing and culture project "RuT-FrauenKultur&Wohnen") and Dr. Yagner Anderson (concept and management of the queer cultural center RuT).
We look forward to active participation and a cozy get-together! Anyone who would like is to welcome to linger on in the garden afterward. 

Registration is requested.


Playing times
Fr 27.05 14:00 - 16:00

120 min

Event notes

The event will be held in German spoken language and in English whisper translation. Unfortunately, DGS interpretation cannot be provided due to short-term staff shortage.


Host: Katharina von Wilcke Wilcke (freelance consultant, curator, producer).
With: Christoph Winkler (choreographer), Jutta Brambach and Dr. Yagner Anderson (RuT housing project)


An event by Performing Arts Festival Berlin.


Katharina von Wilcke

Katharina von Wilcke is a producer, curator, facilitator and consultant. In 1995 she founded DepArtment, the first production office for independent performing arts in Hamburg.

Christoph Winkler

Christoph Winkler is one of the most distinguished and diverse choreographers in Germany. His work covers a broad spectrum of formats and ranges from very personal to very political topics.

Performinga Arts Festival

RuT Wohnen

RuT Wohnen is a queer feminist residential and cultural pro

Performinga Arts Festival

Jutta Brambach

Jutta Brambach is the chief executive of Rad und Tat Berlin gGmbH and project manager for the establishment of the residential and cultural project RuT-FrauenKultur&Wohnen / lesbian residentia

Performinga Arts Festival

Dr. Yagner Anderson


Circus Schatzinsel

May-Ayim-Ufer 4, 10997, Berlin