After Work, Prime Time
For English speaking audience, Free admission, Without language

PAF Closing at Panke Culture

For the Audience, Visiting Industry Professionals and the Community
Short Performances and Music from L I N

As a final flourish, Panke in Wedding will be transformed into a sparkling wine garden with indoor performance spaces a on Sunday where everyone will be able to get together one more time, toast and marvel at artistic contributions from the independent performing arts. Let’s celebrate the early summer, theater and the week-long festival we have all just shared!

Beginning at 3:00 pm, the audience can look forward to short performances by Berlin-based artists, curated by the festival team, as well as sparkling drinks and free admission.
In the various locations of Panke, the club, gallery, garden and inner courtyard, ABA NAIA, Arelí Moran Mayoral, Michael(a) Daoud, Nolundi Tschudi, Shlomi Moto Wagner, Veronica Lillo and Therese Bendjus will present short contributions from a variety of genres of the independent performing arts community.

The timetable for the performances will be announced on-site; flexible coming and going is no problem at all! Anyone who does not want to miss one of the performances is encouraged to come right for the beginning of the event. The start of the evening means a final chance to come TOGETHER, toast and dance to live music by L I N from Berlin beginning at 8:00 pm. Come one, come all, it’s going to be a party!

Unfortunately, the performance of the band Gute Katze Böse Katze has to be cancelled. Instead we can announce L I N from Berlin and are happy about their performance.

Registration is requested.

Playing times
Su 29.05 15:00 - 22:00

420 min

Event notes

We ask all visitors to this event to test themselves daily with a rapid test. THANK YOU!
The performances will take place in German and English as well as without language.


Music & Host: Good Cat Bad Cat

ABA NAIA with a short version of their production "We Can Do It Moaning".
Areli Moran Mayoral with a short version of her production "Seguir el curso de una action en particular"
Michael(a) Daoud with "The Miracle Of The Unconscious"
Nolundi Tschudi with an adaptation of the performance "At the fat edge of the world".
Shlomi Moto Wagner with the performance "ADAMA
Veronica Lillo with the performance "While I (st)roll alone".
Therese Bendjus with the performance "Studies of Softening


An event by Performing Arts Festival Berlin.



L I N is an explosive live artist, from the field of electropop, who manages to provide the lightness of pop with a depth that keeps just the right distance from the abysmal. In her lyrics, she dares to approach norm boundaries in order to let them become permeable.


ABA NAIA is an international, Berlin-based collective made

Areli Moran Mayoral

Areli Moran Mayoral is a Mexican dance artist whose work deals with the female body and its interactions with topics such as identity and migration.

Michael(a) Daoud

Michael(a) Daoud is an interdisciplinary queer ARTivist, concept and visual artist, performer, dancer and choreographer who grew up in Egypt and studied in Syria.

Nolundi Tschudi

Nolundi Tschudi is a performer, actor, musician, director and writer.

Shlomi Moto Wagner

Shlomi Moto Wagner is an interdisciplinary performer, opera

Veronica Lillo

Veronica Lillo is an Italian dance artist who has been livi

Therese Bendjus

Therese Bendjus, originally from Dresden, is a performance artist who is interested in laboratory experiments dealing with the topics of vulnerability, tangibility and encounters.

Gute Katze Böse Katze

Punk music for cuddling from Hamburg! Rosa Licht, Axel Hollywood and Campina de la Fuente are straying through your backyard.

Panke (Club + Gallery)

Gerichtstr. 23, Hof 5, 13347, Berlin