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A Dance Piece on the Border of Language and Consciousness
tanzApartment cie.

A diverse ensemble of hearing and deaf dancers, actors and a musician move between exclusion and belonging. The dance piece examines a variety of forms of expression: from sign language to spoken language and written language all the way to dance. Together with the choreographer Vanessa Huber, they illuminate language mechanisms in a political context as well as deepen personal experiences of anger and powerlessness.

Playing times
Fr 27.05 20:00 - 21:30 Sa 28.05 20:00 - 21:30

90 min

Admission price

15 € | 11 € reduced

Event notes

The event will be accompanied by Theaterscoutings Berlin.

The following languages will be spoken on stage: German, Portuguese, English, Arabic and Swiss-German. In addition, sign language will be used.
Parking spaces can be reserved on the premises by appointment, from which the main entrance can be reached without barriers. There is a ramp with a width of one meter with a 15% slope, which is permitted for one wheelchair and one accompanying person at a time. The use of the ramp does not have to be announced in advance. A maximum of two wheelchairs per performance may be placed for events at the Heinz Stage. Placement is only possible for non-electrically powered wheelchairs after prior notification and consultation with the venue's technical colleagues (carrying down three steps with two technical assistants). In addition, there are sanitary rooms accessible at ground level (please discuss with the technicians at the time of registration), the cabin door width is 68 cm. There are no turning circles. Personal assistance is required.

Contact: Marco Uhlmann (technical management) or technical services on site
Phone: 0178 72 47 772


By and with: Medhat Aldaabal, Dodzi Dougban, Helena Fernandino, Lorenz Huber, Bettina Kokoschka, Katja Scholz
Production, choreography & stage: Vanessa Huber
Live music, music composition: Lorenz Huber
Costume design: Lili Marleen Grzimek
Stage design: Heiko Unke
Lighting design: Domenik Engemann
PR: Nora Gores
Communication assistants & sign language interpreters: Miriam Goldschmidt, Jorinna Illi, Alex Metzner & Ute Sybille Schmitz


A production by tanzApartment and Werketage e.V. supported by HALLE Tanzbühne Berlin and Theaterhaus Berlin-Mitte Sponsored by Aktion Mensch and Bezirksamt Pankow, Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur.



Vanessa Huber

Vanessa Huber is a graduate choreographer, dance teacher and yoga instructor. She studied choreography at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin and graduated with distinction in 2008. In 2009 she founded the artist collective tanzApartment together with Lorenz Huber.


Theaterhaus Berlin Schöneweide | THBS

Schnellerstraße 104, 12439 Berlin