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With its 24 rehearsal rooms, Theaterhaus Mitte has been a central production location and communication platform for the independent performing arts in Berlin for nearly 30 years. With the new location in Schöneweide, currently being used provisionally, an additional “theater house” will join it, with plans to make 36 rehearsal stages available after extensive renovations. Work has been being conducted intensely here since 2021.

Theaterhaus Berlin is a project of the cultural initiative Förderband gGmbH and is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe of the State of Berlin.

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S Schöneweide (S45, S46, S47, S8, S85, S9)

Bus 165 (Dokumentationszentrum NS-Zwangsarbeit, Britzer Straße)

Venue notes
Parking spaces can be reserved on the premises by appointment, from which the main entrance can be reached barrier-free. There is a ramp with a width of one meter with a 15% slope, which is permitted for one wheelchair and one accompanying person at a time. The use of the ramp does not have to be announced in advance. A maximum of two wheelchairs per performance may be placed for events at the Heinz Stage. Placement is only possible for non-electrically powered wheelchairs after prior notification and consultation with the venue's technical colleagues (carrying down three steps with two technical assistants). In addition, there are sanitary rooms accessible at ground level (please discuss with the technicians at the time of registration), the cabin door width is 68 cm. There are no turning circles. Personal assistance is required.

Contact: Marco Uhlmann (technical management) or technical services on site
Phone: 0178 72 47 772

Fr 27.05

Fr 27.05 20:00

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A Dance Piece on the Border of Language and Consciousness

Sa 28.05

Sa 28.05 20:00

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A Dance Piece on the Border of Language and Consciousness