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For English speaking audience

Antigone Exp. N°2

A Music Theater Performance Adapted from Antigona by Tommaso Traetta - Between Individualized Mass and Virtuality
Ensemble LUX:NM & Musiktheaterkollektiv Cie.AGORA

Antigone, the icon of civil disobedience and self-determination, is the point of departure for this piece. At the center is the question of mechanisms of influence and the mobilization of masses. What are the ranges of interpretation for law and justice? Where does the responsibility of the individual begin? In the production, the audience members receive an app, become part of an augmented reality experience and decide for themselves.


All performances are sold out.

Playing times
Th 26.05 20:00 - 21:05 Fr 27.05 20:00 - 21:05 Sa 28.05 20:00 - 21:05

65 min

Admission price

15 € | 10 € reduced

Italian is spoken on stage. The performance has subtitling in French in an app for AR. However, the play is easily understandable through clear actions. The performance is immersive, meaning that the spectator:s can experience the action via app, live and from different places in the space. It is not directly participatory, but indirectly the spectator:in is part of the piece because it evolves from the audience and the audience feels like they are part of the people.

A continuous, step-free and level access (incl. curb ramp) from the street to the building and to the event area of a width of at least 150 cm is available. Barrier-free parking spaces and sanitary facilities are also available. There is space for wheelchairs or walkers in the event hall/area and there is the possibility of special suitable seat reservation and/or to enter the hall ahead of time. Wheelchair users:inside are requested to register in advance in writing at:

Contact: Nikolaus Schneider
Phone: 030 70128020


Concept: Cie.AGORA
Director: Benjamin David
Set design: Valentin Köhler
Dramaturgy: Jana Beckmann
Artistic collaboration: Anna Brunnlechner
Production: Maxine Devaud - Maxinthewood Productions
Berlin: Regina Stöberl, Ruth Velten & Silke La


With the kind support of the Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin.


Ensemble LUX:NM & Musiktheaterkollektiv Cie.AGORA

Since its founding in 2010, the ensemble LUX:NM has established a firm place for itself in Berlin's new music scene, repeatedly crossing the boundaries of the genre in many different directions in order to explore new paths. 


Theater im Delphi

Gustav-Adolf-Str. 2, 13086, Berlin