Installation/Exhibition/Video, Performance
Programming from the Community
For English speaking audience
being of Crystal Heaven Lounge/Fundament playing with stones


Installation & Game Performance

In an uncertain future: We are crystalline, born in a world of controls and social scores. The Crystal Heaven Lounge, however, is a place of life and resistance. This club in Wedding is the last place of refuge of our deepest hopes - a bastion of what is human. It exists outside of constant surveillance; it is a fragile, secret world in between. An installation in which the participants become a part of the story with their own parts.

Playing times
We 25.05 16:00 - 20:00 Th 26.05 16:00 - 20:00 Fr 27.05 16:00 - 20:00 Sa 28.05 16:00 - 20:00

240 min.

Admission price

25 € | 18 € reduced

Ticket notes

Ticketing-Support: kontakt [at]
Ticketing-Support-Tel.: +49 (0)30 5859 8270
Further information:

Event notes

The playable simulation is suitable for audiences 18 years and older and takes place as a live event on-site and online.

The German language is used. The playable simulation is designed barrier-free and suitable for wheelchair users, other needs can be communicated in the registration process and appropriate individual support can be addressed.
There is a continuous, step-free and level access from the street to the building with the restriction that an access via the gallery will be equipped with a mobile ramp and the passage at this entrance is not 150 cm. There are no accessible parking spaces available, but the venue has wheelchair accessible sanitary facilities. Since there is no fixed seating at the event, there is no fixed area for wheelchairs or walkers. Participants move freely throughout the space. Access to almost all rooms is possible with a wheelchair or walker. Special needs can be accommodated. Please contact us in advance. Admission to the performance can only be granted to an audience of 18 years and older. A comprehensive list of possible triggers will be displayed to interested parties in ticketing, prior to ticket purchase, and must be confirmed. The group has established mechanisms to call personal triggers.

Contact: Simon Salem Müller
Phone: 030 585 982 70


Technical Direction, Hygiene Officer, Light-Design: Andreas Vollmer
Stage-Design/Set-Design: Jörn Herrmann
Support Stage-Design, Support Set-Design: Florian Fischer

Costume-Design: Meeri Hattifattener
Support Costume-Design: Jano Jonas

Co-Creation, Play: Jörn Herrmann
Co-Creation, Play: Simon Salem Müller
Co-Creation, Play: Tilman Gunz

Co-Creation, Play: Anna Steiner
Co-Creation, Play: Carnelian King
Co-Creation, Play: Christopher Ramm
Co-Creation, Play: Franziska Jack Willenbacher
Co-Creation, Play: Jano Jonas
Co-Creation, Play: Jos Porath
Co-Creation, Play: Katrin Katz Köbbert
Co-Creation, Play: Tatjana Stella Polaris
Co-Creation, Play: Tessa Hoder
Co-Creation, Play: Wanja Neite

Management of the company, project management, digital stuff, worldbuilding: Simon Salem Müller
Funding, contracts, accounting, charactergenerator, workshops: Jonas Klinkenberg


Special thanks to Panke e. V. and the personalities and artist:s associated with the location, Gelegenheiten, Weserstr. Neukölln (first performance), Marie S. Zwinzscher (World-Building, first performance) and 48h Neukölln, 2019 (first performance).


Christopher Ramm

Born 1992, Christopher Ramm studied Theatre Studies, Political Sciences and Performance Studies in Berlin and Hamburg. 2020/21 he was stipendiary of the stART.up program of Claussen Simon Stiftung.

Wanja Neite

Wanja Neite (born 1995) is an intermedial artist, journalist and shape-shifter. He is a member of several art collectives and groups such as 'DENIALOFSERVICE.FAIL', 'sv szlachta' and 'SIEBENSPRUNG'.

Simon Salem Müller

Simon Salem Müller

Based in Berlin, Germany, where he also has his studio, he works on various projects throughout Europe focusing on site-specific installations, performance-based works on stage and in public spaces, and moving images.

Franziska Jack Willenbacher

Franziska Jack Willenbacher

Franziska Jack Willenbacher is a performer, dancer and choreographer. She realizes her own performances, e.g. "no-think", a dance performance with live music (Theaterforum Kreuzberg, 2019), "transmission" (Fendador Festival International de danca, Brazil 2019).

Andreas Vollmer

Andreas Vollmer

Andreas Vollmer is a Berlin based light-designer and lighting-programmer working in the national and international event-industry.

Anna Lysee

On the one hand, Anna is working in social institutions since 2007, studies psychology at HU Berlin since 2018 and completed additional trainings in integrative trauma therapy and sex therapy in 2021.

Carnelian King

Carnelian is an experience designer and performer from the USA, from Tennessee. He strives to create worlds and stories that visitors can lose themselves inside of and come out thinking about interesting new concepts.

Florian Fischer

Flo is based in Berlin and works with costume and stage-design. When he‘s not cutting trees he supports the DOS.FAIL Stage-Design department.

Jano Jonas

Jano Jonas is a Berlin based actor, performer and costume-designer.

Jonas Klinkenberg

Jonas Klinkenberg works with Theatre- and Gamedesign. His main focus are participatory and immersive arts, often linked to political and empowering aspects. Starting from 2022 with the Hygiene Museum Dresden as artistic/scientific assistant.

Jos Porath

Jos Porath (born 1985 in Berlin, DE) is a director of immersive performance installations. They have been making work that sits at the intersection of performance art and multisensory storytelling since 2015. Their focus has been on creating in and for the fringe performing arts scene (e.g.

Jörn Herrmann

Jörn works on the Set-Design for „The Crystal Heaven Lounge // Fundament“. He is interested in creating and building worlds, in which participants can immerse. He likes these sandboxed worlds to do research in and explore future possibilities of human living.

Katrin Katz Köbbert

WKatz was born as Katrin Köbbert in Frankfurt (Oder), grew up in Berlin, where she gained a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Motion design in 2011. After a period of freelancing and traveling, she focused on acting, finished her Diploma in 2020 and since then works as actress for theater and film.

Meeri Hattifattener

Meeri is an Berlin based engineer with a background in textiles.

Tatjana Stella Polaris

Stella is a queer artist and activist currently based in Berlin. They are mainly an actor and performer, though they also work with various other art forms such as writing, drawing, dealing with creatures known as “customers”, and simply surviving.

Tessa Hoder

Tessa Hoder is a copenhagen based filmmaker and performer.

Tilman Gunz

Tilman is living his life as something related to a performance artist. If he is not part of a specific project he can be found in Berlin where he pursues his permanent installation as a bartender.

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