Performance, Dance
Prime Time
Newcomer's Platform "Introducing..."
For English speaking audience, Without language

Wet Eyez

Camila Malenchini & Marga Alfeirão

Wet Eyez performatively researches the mythological figure of the Blemmyes, headless people with their mouth and eyes in their chests. Allegedly observed by the first European “discoverers” in the Americas, the idea of the Blemmyes clearly indicates how Eurocentric perspectives construct and demonize otherness. New Blemmyes are created from water and fiction that self-confidently confront the white gaze.

After the performance an Artist Talk will take place with Camila Malenchini, Marga Alfeirão and Petra Poelzl. Petra Poelzl is Curator of Dance & Performance at HAU.

The performance is sold out.


Playing times
Fr 27.05 20:30 - 21:10

40 min

Admission price

8 € | 5 € reduced

The performance takes place without language. HAU3 is not barrier-free, as the stage is located on the third floor. The building also does not have a passenger elevator.


Concept, Choreography, Performance: Camila Malenchini, Marga Alfeirão
Scenography: Max Puorro, Yoav Admoni
Costume: Ivanka Tramp
Production & artistic support: Cajsa Godeé
Music: Hinna Jafri, Mapalma


Special thanks to Michelle Moura, Duncan Routh, Mmgakgosi Kgabi, Liina Magnea, Ana Inciarte, Julieta Omil.
With the support of the special grant INITIAL of the Academy of Arts.


Camila Malenchini & Marga Alfeirão

Marga Alfeirão explores intimacy and sexuality through dance and performance, heavily influenced by the dances and music of the African diaspora in Lisbon.



Concept: Marga Alfeirão & Camila Malenchini
Animation: Camila Malenchini
Voices: Camila Malenchini
Edit: Nadja Rothkirch
Music: Corazón lleno de mil vacíos - TAYHANA

HAU Hebbel am Ufer (HAU3)

Tempelhofer Ufer 10, 10963 Berlin