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Discussion #1: Corona Update #4000 – What Now?

A Discussion About the Funding Situation in the Independent Performing Arts
For Visiting Industry Professionals and the Community
Tina Pfurr, Eva Behrendt, Professor Dr. Wolfgang Schneider & Falk Rößler

Two years and two billions euros for culture later… It is now crystal clear that planning uncertainties, flexibility and safety measures have become everyday occurrences and will remain so. Quickly developed funding instruments in order to secure independent artists all throughout Germany have brought about new processes and structures for artistic work which will also significantly change the schedule of programming of the production locations of the dance and theater communities. The special funds created suddenly are now depleted and the next wave of the pandemic is in sight. So, how should things continue for the performing arts with an eye toward the funding and working structures after the experiences of the last two years? How can the future be shaped in the long term? What requirements exist for the further development of the funding structures as well as the economic and cultural policy situation of artists? Representatives who work practially in the field and representatives of funding institutions will discuss this.

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What Are We Waiting For?
A Discussion of the Situation of the Performing Arts During the Pandemic as Part of the 2022 Theatertreffen and the 2022 Berlin Performing Arts Festival.

In 2021, Theatertreffen and the Berlin Performing Arts Festival initiated a joint series of conversations dedicated to the current situation in the performing arts as a result of the pandemic for the first time. Regardless of the seasonal variations caused by the various waves of the coronavirus, the societal crisis triggered by the virus has long since manifested itself as the basis of our actions and work; making theater completely “free from COVID-19” continues to be something that is not in sight. As a result, this year as well we will offer two conversations during the festivals Theatertreffen and the Berlin Performing Arts Festival that place their focus on working condition while in pandemic mode. What strategies have theaters, artists and funding institutions developed in order to deal with uncertainties and continue to make artistic production possible within independent and permanent structures? What new concepts have been able to be established in the long term and where is there urgent need for revision? What demands results from this for politicians as well as for institutions and the self-created structures in the performing arts?

The talk "Forever Present?" in the context of the Theatertreffen 2022 already took place on May 9 and can be listened to under the following link:…

Playing times
Th 26.05 16:00 - 17:30

90 min

Event notes

The event will be held in German spoken language. Unfortunately, DGS interpretation cannot be provided due to short-term staff shortage. An audio recording will be made available on demand in the media library. 



With: Professor Dr. Wolfgang Schneider (Chairman of the Performing Arts Fund, Scientific Director of the research program on #TAKEHEART in the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR, Founding Director of the Institute for Cultural Policy at the University of Hildesheim) , Tina Pfurr (Artistic Director Ballhaus Ost) & Falk Rößler (Gruppe FUX, performance group).

Moderation: Eva Behrendt (Freelance Journalist)


An event by Performing Arts Festival Berlin.


Tina Pfurr

Alongside her work as co-artistic director of Ballhaus Ost, Tina Pfurr works as a curator, performer, actor and speaker and also develops her own projects. Pfurr has been a member of the board of LAFT Berlin since 2017 and regularly serves as a member of funding and festival juries.

Eva Behrendt

Was born in 1973 and studied history, literature and theater studies in Mainz, Dijon and Berlin. She has worked as an independent editor for the magazine Theater heute as well as an author for taz, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and other publications since 2001.

Professor Dr. Wolfgang Schneider

Wolfgang Schneider is the chair of the board of Fonds Darstellende Künste, a member of the board of the Initiative für die Archive des Freien Theaters e.V., a member of the International Theater I

Falk Rößler

Falk Rößler completed his studies in European media studies at the University of Potsdam and then studied applied theater studies at the Justus Liebig University of Gießen.

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